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Dr. Oz talks about Golden Berries

Superfoods have recently taken center stage in the health food industry, as they are among the most effective components of a well-balanced, nutritious diet.  Golden Berries recommended by Dr. Oz for their fat burning properties, are among the superfoods that people all over the world have begun to incorporate into their daily meal plans.


Dr. Oz is a well-known health guru who provides advice to millions of people through his television show, radio appearances, blog, and books.  Golden Berries (which are also known as “goldenberries” and “Cape gooseberries”) are one of his three “breakthrough belly blasters” that target fat and help people lose inches.


First and foremost, Golden Berries are wonderful fat burners. When incorporated into a well-balanced diet, these berries can help people lose weight in a way that is both natural and healthy.   As with all other superfoods, Golden Berries are able to provide their results organically, without the interference of chemicals or other processing that can deplete or alter their natural vitamins.


Golden Berries do much more than simply supplement weight loss efforts; these berries provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals that help the body work more efficiently.


• Protein: Helps the body build muscle and burn energy, resulting in weight loss and more muscle mass.


• Phosphorous: Facilitates the growth and strength of bones and teeth.


• Vitamin A: An antioxidant, vitamin A also keeps the eyes, skin, and mucous membranes healthy while neutralizing hazardous free radicals.


• Vitamin C: Necessary for over 300 different functions, vitamin C is essential to one’s health.


• Complex B Vitamins: With B1, B2, B6, and B12, Golden Berries contain the B vitamins that are necessary to help burn fat and glucose while maintaining energy, improving memory, reducing stress, and boosting the metabolism.


• Bioflavonoids: Important for the immune system, bioflavonoids help protect the body.


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Check out the video : Dr. Oz talks about Golden Berries !

GAT is here to stay

UNFI (United Natural Foods Inc.) reports that the natural food industry seems to be recession-proof .  What does that mean? It means that we’re not going anywhere, GAT is here to stay.


We are constantly doing things to ensure stability in our company like sticking to our Mission Statement: To trade fairly and directly with small-scale producers in Colombia, offering our clients the best quality and nutritious products Colombia has to offer.


Our dedication and insistence on Fair Trade is what helps us offer the best possible quality to our consumers.


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