Bored by the old Salad ?

Here at Global Agricultural Trading we have plenty of idea to help you improve your salad.

This is our top 5 to improve our salad:

1 – Dried Fruits

Personally I love the dried golden berries in my salad. They are super fruits. They are good for your health and contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, fiber.

2 – Change the salad dressing

You don’t need to change everything. You can just change the oil. My favorite are Avocado oil and Olive oil. They have a perfect taste and they are low fat.  Check out our Citrus-Golden berries salad dressing.

3 – Citrus fruits

Adding orange or grapefruit slices to a salad can provide a welcome touch of sweetness and/or tartness.

4 – Seeds

Seeds provide added nutrition and crunch to virtually any kind of salad. Consider adding sunflower seeds, sesame seeds,– or nuts like almonds, soy nuts, cashews, and walnuts.

5 – Natural supplement powder

You can mix pleasure and health. Add some natural supplement like Maca powder and Quinoa powder. This will enhance the taste of your salad.

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