Physalis was originally discovered and named in Peru and was known to the Incas. A herbaceous perennial which grows wild in the Andes. Its name originated in Australia after its journey from South Africa to the Cape of Good Hope even though it is not a native to the Cape.

Landscape Value
Grows and fruits well in a pot or may be used as a border plant where the soft grey-green foliage can be used to offset other species. Great border filler, where the fruit can be accessed and freely eaten.

Nutritional Value
Vitamins A, C & B, high in protein and rich in iron.

How to Eat
Great eaten fresh, dipped in melted chocolate or fondant icing. Use to decorate cheesecakes, pavlovas and gateaux. Cook and put in pies or make into jam or jelly. Compliments seafood, when made into a sauce, as it has a beautiful crisp flavour.

Expected Yield
300 fruits a year.