Many people ask what they can safely use as an alternative to diet chemical sweeteners. We use Sucanat in our home, and it’s my sweetener of choice if you must add sugar to your foods. My best advice – don’t use any sugars at all. Get accustomed to the natural sweetness of whole foods. Natural, unprocessed foods are biologically sweet, and once you train your taste buds to enjoy the natural sweetness of the various foods nature provides humans for nourishment – you’ll find it’s pleasurable to eat. Even celery has a natural sweetness. Nature is awesome when you take the time to recognize it.

What is Sucanat?

Sucanat stands for SUgar CAne NATural. It’s an organic sweetener made from 100% certified organic sugar cane. It’s minimally processed to remain a natural and very tasty sweetener. After the sugar cane is harvested, it is pressed to squeeze out the cane juice. The juice is clarified, filtered, and evaporated to remove excess water. The resulting syrup is then crystallized, and it is rich in a molasses flavor plus the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements found in the sugar cane plant remain as a source of nutrition.

Sucanat Nutritional Information

Sucanat ranks one of the highest in nutritional value compared to sugars derived from sugar cane. Sucanat also contains a smaller proportion of sucrose than white cane sugar.